In her decades spanning exploration of the traditional art of oil painting, ANITA LEWIS has created her style out of textural exploration of themes, having a certain "ethereal" earthiness to it. Born in Los Angeles, yet influenced by her European life abroad, she has managed to fuse the modern with the ancient and the reclaimed with the sparkle in her abstractions. She creates scenes that remind of things, yet are untold stories. "I don't tell you what to see; you create your own story." One finds her love for detail in the obscure, noting every minuscule application up close, yet creating the bigger picture from afar, much as Claude Monet managed to pull off. Like Monet or Jackson Pollock, painting large takes on importance. 

Her painting life has led her to exhibitions in Italy, Germany, Argentina, and all over the US, and features in magazines and television. Not only is her abstract art enjoyed worldwide by many collectors, but her love for the Ballet world and the Motorsport world have led her to further opportunities of oil painting exploration and exciting exhibition ideas. 

Currently you will find her art exhibited in San Diego, Laguna Beach, Houston TX, Santa Fe NM, and Cortona Italy. Her collectors are in London UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, South America, USA, and Canada. 


Mary Kathryn is an exciting addition to The House of Namdar creating exclusive art and continuing to curate, produce, and expanding on her growing contemporary art designs/paintings. 

Mary Kathryn graduated in 2016 from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with her B.F.A in Graphic Design, as well as, lived/studied/cultivated her unique artistic designs/approach inspired from her summers in Northern California, the South of France, and her time painting at the well-known and prestigious SCAD Lacoste

Mary Kathryn finds much of her inspiration from her travels around the world and everyday life. 

Mary Kathryn resides in Nashville, Tennessee. 


Austin Allen James is an artist, poet, college professor, and father of two. He lives, teaches, and creates in Houston, Texas. Austin James’ creations are one of a kind and seek to capture energy, movement and color in harmonious compositions. The artist and his team work diligently to produce unique handmade products that are both innovative and accessible.



John Sullivan was born and raised in Irving, Texas and has had a passion for photography for many years now. Self-taught, John started using a Canon 5d Mark II to film friends and aggressive rollerbladers.  John's appreciation for scenery, nature, and landscape photography was inspired by a trip to Colorado where he really learned to appreciate the images a camera can capture. 

When John returned to Dallas, he immediately began to experiment with different settings, pixels, styles, and forms of photography in Downtown Dallas.

Today, John has a camera wherever he goes and has been attracting a lot of attention for his photography and unique style/approach. 



One of the more intriguing, unique, and exciting artists at the House of Namdar is the artist simply known as “Omnibus.” Omnibus has a contemporary, abstract, and decedent approach to all of Omnibus’ pieces which has gained Omnibus notoriety in not only the local Dallas interior design/art industry, but across the globe as well. Omnibus prefers to be completely anonymous, however, Omnibus’ creative artwork, Avant guard approach, and breathtaking designs make an original Omnibus piece easily identifiable to the trained eye. Omnibus has been an artist for over 20 years, traveled the globe viewing and studying various artistic approaches and experimenting with various mediums in photography, paint, spray-paint, and sculpting.  Omnibus signs all of Omnibus pieces with a unique OM signature on the front of Omnibus' pieces, as well as, an Omnibus signature on the back. Omnibus recently created an Instagram to verify Omnibus’ art creations with the handle @Omnibus214. Currently, the House of Namdar is the only Art Label that carry's original Omnibus pieces. 


.Deborah Argyropoulos is a contemporary American fine artist skills in painting, printmaking, photography and metal arts who is nationally known and collected for her combination of raw talent, emotional energy, unique use of materials, and cultivated techniques. 

With a national following of loyal art collectors, Deborah is always growing and expanding in her field. She collaborates with interiors designers and the luxury design community. 

In addition to her commissions for corporate and private clients, Deborah designed and developed proprietary art classes and workshops for worldwide corporate team building events. 

In 2017 Deborah Argyropoulos' original artwork was commissioned for large-scale installments in Houston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Boca Raton, Austin and San Antonio. 


Sillie Mugo is a Kenyan Abstract Artist spreading happiness one vibrant brushstroke at a time. Sillie combines modern and traditional influences to create her vibrant art. 

Her Inspirations include nature, the Lush Botanical Gardens she grew up around in Kenya, and the healing power of Color.

Sillie Currently resides in Columbia, MD.